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tv   Political Capital With Al Hunt  Bloomberg  August 2, 2014 9:30am-10:01am EDT

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>> this week on "political capital," kelly ayotte on what to do on putin. and margaret carlson debates the cia. we begin the program with senator kelly of new hampshire. you have called for more lethal weapons for ukraine. the administration has been too slow. they say it might get into the hands of bad guys like it did in afghanistan.
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>> what we have heard from the administration -- we have to put what has happened since the downing of flight 17 by the russian backed separatists -- russia and putin have put more armament into eastern ukraine. the notion that we will not provide military support for ukraine -- they are not asking us to put troops in. >> do you think the administration is softening? >> no indication. we are not providing them with real-time intelligence. it is critical we do that. the russians have given more anti-aircraft capability back to the separatists. that is the capability that took down the flight. we have seen military cargo planes and jets taken down with this. if they have more real-time
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intelligence from us about what is happening in their own country, not russia, but the eastern ukraine territory, that would help them defend themselves. >> putin has doubled down. how far should we go? we ratcheted up the sanctions. when we were going after the iranians, we told american businesses -- if you do business there, you will not do it here. should we consider that with russia? >> the new sanctions are an important step three if putin does not get the message, adding to that and letting the ukrainians have the capacity to defend themselves -- the budapest memorandum, they give up nuclear weapons. russia signed on and so did we. the least we can let them do is defend their own sovereignty for giving up their nuclear weapons. if we had to do some tougher
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sanctions, we have to do it. we can't allow a country like russia to invade the territory of another country. >> including telling american businesses not to do business there? >> i think putin has to understand we could go to that extent if we have to go there. >> the cia director apologized for illicitly spying on senate staff computers. >> this is a huge matter. from what i have learned so far, to have the cia director admitting the cia officials actually tapped into senate legislative computers -- that is a violation if you think about what the executive branch, their
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relationship with the legislative branch. this is a huge issue. it could be an issue of constitutional proportions. there have to be implications. >> you want to know more of the facts. does this potentially call into question john brennan's service? >> it could. we have to understand all the facts. it if we understand that the cia -- he has apologized for the cia tapping into the legislative computers. where does it end? >> you have been a sometime critic of the administration's foreign policy. there have been two secretaries of state. hillary clinton and john kerry. do you see a difference between the two? >> both of them. the administration as a whole --
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to use russia as an example -- secretary clinton was secretary of state reset policy was put in place. secretary kerry has had to follow through on the policies. it is hard to compare the two of them and i will not do that. i have had disagreements with how the administration has handled it and the secretaries of state have carried out the policies. a prime example is reset toward russia. the concessions made by the administration from the beginning as part of the reset have led us to a wearer vladimir putin feels he can push the edge. we see it in the eastern ukraine. also the potential violations of the inf treaty. it's hard to compare the two of them. >> you have been the most prominent republican senator and
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supporting the ratification of the international convention on disabilities. bob corker says it would threaten american sovereignty. >> i don't believe it will threaten american sovereignty. america is the gold standard when it comes to allowing people with disability the rights they deserve. the opportunities they should have. what this would do is essentially -- we are the gold standard and passed the ada. we are a leader around the world. the treaty will not require us to do anything new. it will give us a seat at the table to make sure other countries actually follow our lead in ensuring people at this bill does have the rights and opportunities they deserve. almost all the veterans organizations are behind it. our wounded warriors, when they travel overseas, they deserve the freedom to engage in
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business and travel overseas despite their disabilities. you have the business community behind the treaty. the idea that it interferes with sovereignty is not the case. the reservations and understandings make that clear. >> you are one of the republicans who supported the immigration bill a little over a year ago in the senate. what would you be your reaction if barack obama would extend work permits to undocumented's? >> i think it is the wrong thing. what we have seen right now with the influx from central america over our southern borders -- if you look back at the president's executive action in 2012, he issued executive action without going through congress. if he were to do that again,
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that could further contribute to the crisis we see at the southern border. >> thank you so much for being with us. when we return, we will talk to the chairman of the democratic campaign committee. ♪
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>> welcome come back. we are joined by steve israel. thank you for being here. we will start with foreign-policy questions.
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john kerry has come in for criticism for his involvement in the israel hamas war. >> he is leaning to the right. i am a big believer in, what would we do? i would ask the secretary and others, if we were in washington and rockets were being fired on us from canada, and tunnels were being dug, what would we do? we would do exactly what israel is doing. >> why is the secretary falling short? >> the reason for many of the civilian deaths is because one side hides its military commanders underground and forces civilians above ground.
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>> on this, has kerry been sufficiently supportive? >> on critical military and intelligence issues, this of menstruation has been strong. one concern i have is when anybody talks about the need for balance. this is not an issue of balance. it is an issue of survival. >> that is what john kerry has done. >> i support him when he talks about the right to survive and protect citizens. i get concerned with statements from secretary kerry about the need for israel to show sensitivity or demonstrate greater attempts with respect to civilians in gaza. when in fact israel goes further than most countries i know. >> what are the prospects for the u.s. to negotiate a nuclear deal?
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>> i do not trust the iranians. i have been working on this issue for many years. we have proof that one strategy works. the increased application of sanctions. i believe we can get a deal with iran to the continued pressure of sanctions. >> if it does not succeed, and iran is an existential threat -- >> i believe the prospect of a nuclear ready iran. not capable iran. ready iran becomes an existential threat. if everything else fails, a nuclear ready iran will require whatever tools in the toolbox
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are necessary. >> let's turn to politics. you democrats are having fun with the impeachment. look at what these guys are doing. you know impeachment is not going to have. >> we are not having fun with impeachment. we did not raise the issue. i did not write the talking points. here is what is going on. there are many members of the republican caucus who fundamentally believe that impeachment is not an option. i don't think anybody believed they would shut down the government. but they shut down the government. this past week, the republicans spent the week passing a resolution to waste taxpayer money to sue the president. sure, when republican caucus
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focuses on sweeney president and wrestles about impeaching the president, you bet our supporters will be energized. we will fight those priorities in order to focus on what matters to the american people. >> this is more than idle chatter. >> i do not believe it is idle chatter. i believe there caucus is divided on this issue. i don't believe john boehner thinks it is a good idea. but he didn't believe the shutdown was a good idea and he had no control. >> but talk about the midterms. historically, this has been a bad cycle for the party in power. six years into the presidency. you have obama's approval ratings at 40%. the key is turning out voters. how can you turn them out when there is no enthusiasm for the president or a defining issue?
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>> that average loss for a president's first midterm is 29 seats. we have a new history here. one, the republican job approval is in the teens. you have never had a less popular republican incumbent house of representatives. we are running against them. to, the science and methodology of turnout has changed. we know we have a turnout challenge and we are addressing it. we have doubled the size of our field program. we have over 500 paid staff in the field. whenever we talk to voters about the choice between a republican congress obsessed with lawsuits and impeachment and a democratic majority obsessed with strengthening the middle class -- >> is that your defining issue?
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>> this is about who has your back. is it a republican congress that has talked about impeaching the president? or a democratic president that will focus on the economic security of the middle class? >> a head of the campaign committee said, we are going to pick up 11 seats. we will have 245 members. let me ask you. >> he may enjoy predicting. i prefer to prepare. >> what you democrats pick up seats? >> we are now in august. not a single race has fully engaged. we still have primaries. i have been defined on this, al. >> i'm trying to get you off that defiant limb. >> you will get me off their the date after the election.
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>> when we come back, we'll talk about the jobs report with margaret carlson. ♪
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>> welcome back. i will get to margaret carlson in a moment. first, the jobs numbers.
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>> you accuse me of being gloomy. i would say the glass is definitely half full. we have had six straight months where job gains have averaged over 200,000. job gains this year, to 30,000. unemployment rate went up. it went up because more people came back into the labor force. >> you look at the whole range of reports. the robust second-quarter gdp. it looks like the economy is back on solid footing. >> i feel like charlie brown with lucy. we feel like it is about to take off and then lucy pulls the football. i think there are reasons to think finally we are moving into a higher plane, a growth plane.
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banks are lending more. >> i would hate for you to lose your gloomy gus side. where the worries? >> one is wages are not going anywhere. inflation is up 2%. average joe is not making any kind of headway. >> there are a lot of people working part-time that one to work full-time. >> how about in general. >> long-term job -- >> world events? >> just look at ukraine, the middle east. >> you fed watchers are able to create more new words than william f buckley. tell me what you mean when you say you are concerned about the
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placidity of financial markets. >> up until this week, markets were incredibly tranquil. there is a measure of the volatility of markets. that was at a record low. getting really complicated here. the fed was worried. like the old western movies, the cowboys are saying, it is really quiet. maybe it is too quiet. that's what the fed was worried about. we got it this week with the stock market hitting a pocket and going down. >> margaret is like, where are we going? thank you. let me turn to megan and margaret.
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>> the president faces a difficult choice. he is going into a midterm. you don't want the cia leaking. that also tells you why he has to go. this is an agency that is looking lawless. a law unto itself rather than a part of the executive branch. he has to demonstrate not just to his base but everyone else he is serious about reforming the national security abuses. >> should heads roll? >> the white house worked on this apology. senator dianne feinstein seems to have accepted it. if he knew, he goes. we don't think he knew. >> you think he should not go. >> i think it is the wrong time for him to go. he can embark on the cleanup of
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a rogue agency. he has not done it yet. he should do it now and i think he will. >> maybe we will find out -- >> placidity. >> fort apache. >> aren't you the head of the cia? >> let me turn to another subject. they ruled mcdonald's is liable for the treatment of workers, including compensation for franchises. good or bad? >> he has 13,000 franchisees. being liable for all those. i would say anything that makes corporations more responsible for the goodness associated with them is a good thing.
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>> it is a dumb decision that is not going to stand long-term. one of the major routes into the middle class are franchises. they are small business owners. they are responsible for who they hire and fire. saying you going to introduce a third party. two third parties is not tenable. that would be bad for business and america. >> thank you for joining us. we will see you again next week. >> "political capital" is a production of bloomberg television. ♪
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>> he's been called the startup whisperer. reid hoffman is the executive chairman of linkedin and an investor in some of the most successful companies of all time, including facebook. he wasn't always on track to be an entrepreneur. a student of philosophy, hoffman at one point pursued a career in academia. but he took his first job out of school at apple, and then joined the paypal mafia. now a partner at greylock, hoffman sits on seven boards. he is the author a new book, "the alliance." thank you for joining us.


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